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All users of the website Talklog.Net (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") must agree with all the points of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, which are listed below.
According to federal, state and local legislation, the User agrees to use the Talklog software (hereinafter referred to as "Software") only for purposes not prohibited by the law.
The User agrees to use the Site and the Software only for purposes not prohibited by federal, state and local legislation.
The User agrees to familiarize himself with the federal, state and local legislation or seek legal advice in order to ensure the legality of his actions.
It is forbidden by law to install the Software on mobile phones without specific permission.
The Site does not provide any services or programs for illegal purposes. The User acknowledges that he is the owner and user of the mobile phone or another device on which the Software will be installed, or that he has a written and notarized permission of the owner and the user of the device / mobile phone to install and use the Software on the device / mobile phone.
We shall not be liable for any improper / illegal use of the Site / Software by the User.
The User also acknowledges that he has no rights and will not seek any compensation in the event of a lawsuit against the User for the use of the Site / Software.
Please, note that all the services of the Site / Software are provided under the “as is” principle. We are not liable for any damages, legal proceedings or legal complications that may arise, and do not guarantee the absence of errors, omissions or other issues in the operation of the Site / Software.
Privacy Policy
1. Introduction
According to this policy, we comply with the confidentiality requirements and protect the privacy of your personal information which you may provide while using the Site and the Software.
This Policy applies to:
- All data that you provide on the Site
- All data that you provide when you contact the technical support of the Site.
Please, note that third parties, such as services for receiving and processing payments or audit services may have their own privacy policies that are different from ours.
Please, familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of third parties.
You cannot use the Site / Software if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or our User Agreement.
When you use the Site / Software you agree with this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement.
Please, note that the Privacy Policy or User Agreement may change over time. While continuing to use the Site / Software you agree with such changes.
Please, regularly refer back to this document for any changes / updates.
The current version of this document can be found at

2. Limit of liability
The User of the Site / Software shall independently familiarize himself with all applicable laws and comply with them when using the Site / Software.
In case of any doubts, prior to using the Site / Software, the User shall consult with a lawyer.
By downloading and installing the Software, the User acknowledges that it will be used solely in accordance with the law.
Tracking SMS messages, as well as any other activities of another person’s phone, or installing the Software on another person's phone without their consent can be considered as an illegal action in your jurisdiction.
We do not accept any responsibility for improper use or damage caused by using the Site / Software.

3. Persons under the age of 18
Users who are under 18 years old cannot use the Site / Software. It is also prohibited to collect data on persons under the age of 18 without the consent of their parents / guardian.

4. Personal information we collect and the methods of data collection
On our side, the following data is collected:
- User settings data
- Internet connection data
- Operating system and browser data
Such data is collected:
- When you provide it to us
- Automatically, when you are navigating the Site. Such data may include information about your IP-address, as well as data obtained with the help of the «cookie» technology.

5. System log and cookie files
The Site uses a traditional analytical package, which automatically collects a limited amount of information about the Site visitors and stores this anonymous information in the system log of the server. This information may include IP-address, browser type, basic information about an IP-address, login page, type of operating system and date / time. Such information cannot identify the identity of users and is used only to manage the Site.
Cookie files are small text files that are stored on your PC for ease of use of the Site. We do not link cookie files data to personal information that you provide on the Site.
On our side, there are two types of files cookie used: temporary and permanent. Temporary files are deleted when you close your browser (at the end of the session), and the permanent files are stored on your hard drive for a long period of time. Temporary files are used to make navigating the Site easier. Permanent cookies help us track anonymous statistics of user conversions from the sites of our advertisers.

6. Information provided by our users
Information that is collected by the Site may include:
- Data that you provide when filling out the forms on the Site
- Records and copies of your correspondence (including e-mail addresses) with us
- Data on the transactions that you conduct through the Site.

7. How we use the information we collect
The information we collect about you or that you provide to us, including any personal information, we use: - To present the Site and its content to you
- To present you with the information, products or services that you are interested in
- To notify you of any changes on the Site or any products or services that we offer or provide through the Site
- To communicate with you.

8. Disclosure of personal information
We reserve the right to disclose your personal information:
- To comply with a court order or legal proceedings, including requests from the government or regulatory requests
- To carry out or apply our User Agreement
- To protect the rights, property or safety of the Site, our customers or others

9. Checking and correcting your data
You can review and change your personal data by logging in to the Site under your user name and going to your profile page. You can also send us an e-mail to in order to request an access to, modify or delete any of the information you have provided to us. We reserve the right not to accommodate your request to change the information, if we believe that such modification violates any law or legal requirement or if the information is not correct. We reserve the right to delete your data after 120 days. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend your account if we suspect that you violated the terms of this User Agreement.

10. Data security
We take all necessary measures to protect your information.
However, any transmission of personal information is at your own risk. We are not liable for circumvention of any security settings or security systems of the Site.

11. Changes to our Privacy Policy
It is our policy to post any changes to this Privacy Policy on this page. It is your responsibility to regularly visit our Site and this page in order to check for any changes in the Privacy Policy.

1. General terms
This policy applies to your purchase of accessing (payment) the information collected by the Software information and posted on the Site. Please, carefully review this policy before you making a purchase. Making a payment constitutes your full agreement with this policy.

2. Providing Site services after your payment
Payment provides access to the information already gathered on the Site.
Payment does not affect the operation of the Software installed on the phone.
Providing Site services for each mobile phone / device is paid for separately.
The unique attribute of a mobile phone / device is its serial number IMEI. Thus, phones / devices that have two SIM cards can be identified as 2 different phones / device, which, if necessary, should be paid for separately.

3. Refund policy
According to this policy, you are eligible to receive a full refund within 12 hours of purchase, provided that your reasons for return do not contradict with our refund policy.

4. Force majeure circumstance
Refunds will not be granted if you provide the reasons that are not related to the information presented on the Site, or the reasons are beyond the scope of our control. Namely: - If a target phone / device fails to connect to the Internet
- If the Software has been removed
- If the Software is in conflict with other applications installed on your phone / device
- Personal reasons (“I changed my mind”, “I don’t need it anymore”, “I purchased it out of curiosity” and the like)
- Any other reason that is not related to the presentation of the information already gathered on the Site.

5. Refund procedure
All refund requests should be submitted to The decision on refunds is made within 3 working days. On our part, we may request extensive data confirming the lawful use of the Site / Software on your part. If you fail to provide all the necessary information, then your request will be rejected.

All collected text data is stored for 30 days. Media data (audio / video / images) is stored for 30 days. At the end of these time periods the data is and cannot be further recovered.

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начать пользоваться попробовать бесплатно
Просто установить
Запустите приложение в телефоне и все данные об sms, телефонных звонках и местоположении телефона будут отображаться на вашем компьютере.
Скрытый режим работы
Установленное приложение работает в невидимом для пользователя режиме и не мешает работе остальных программ.
Статистика ONLINE
Все данные получаемые с телефона вы можете изучать на своем компьютере в режиме ONLINE
Бесплатная версия
Мы предлагаем Вам ознакомиться с работой нашего сервиса совершенно бесплатно
чтение смс Журнал звонков

Вам будет доступна информация о входящих, исходящих, пропущенных звонках, а также имя абонента и продолжительность разговора.
Аудиозапись разговора Аудиозапись разговора

Производится запись телефонных разговоров. Все записи поступают на сервер, где вы можете их прослушать и/или сохрнанить себе на компьютер.
чтение смс SMS-сообщения

Все входящие и исходящие смс-сообщения будут сохранены для просмотра на сайте сервиса.
Просмотр MMS-сообщений Просмотр MMS-сообщений

Просматривайте мультимедийные сообщения, включая вложенный в них контент.
Фото/Видео Сохранение фото и видео

Все фотографии и видеоролики, хранимые в телефоне, будут переданы на сервер, где вы сможете их просмотреть и/или сохранить на компьютер
чтение смс Местоположение абонента

Местоположение смартфона отслеживается по сигналам сотовых вышек и спутников GPS с точностью в несколько метров.
В случае использования GPS также доступны скорость перемещения и высота над уровнем моря.
Функционал полностью бесплатен.
чтение смс История веб-браузера

Просматривайте подробную информацию о посещенных сайтах.
устанавливаемые приложения Устанавливаемые приложения

Сервис ведет учёт всех устанавливаемых/обновляемых/удаляемых приложений.
Функционал полностью бесплатен.
чтение смс Включение/выключение телефона

Сервис позволяет просматривать информацию о включении/выключении телефона, подключении устройства к USB и переходе устройства в автономный режим.
Функционал полностью бесплатен.
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